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Carolyn M. Henry, KPA-CTP

Carolyn grew up surrounded by goats, horses, dogs, rabbits and even a few beehives. She received her first dog as a surprise from her parents when she was 4. She began formally training dogs when she joined the 4-H Guide Dog for the Blind project, getting her first project dog from them when she was 11. She ultimately raised and trained seven Guide Dog for the Blind puppies and began teaching others and leading training sessions while still in high school. She was fortunate to be invited to write newspaper articles and appear on TV shows. She purchased her first show dog, a Golden Retriever, as a senior in high school.

The Guide Dog organization was her introduction to positive training. Throughout the years, she investigated new training methods as they developed, but she always came back to the positive format, as she knew it, because she found it much more successful and the dogs happier. 


Carolyn started showing dogs as a 4-H member and continues to do so today. As her pack grew, a new puppy came into her household who was severely fearful and beyond Carolyn's previous experience. 

Cindy and Chopper

Snowy, first Dual Champion Cream Dachshund.
Photo by DA Photography

On set with Betty White and Jimmy and Gloria Stewart

Carolyn holding Slyder, who was once fearful. Now he loves to compete in Field Trials.

Snowy making a friend at Fromm’s Pet Fest!

She sourced suggestions from many and began work with a Canine Behaviorist—a whole new world! As her dog Slyder improved, she delved more and more into the science behind this work. She began studying force-free training in earnest, graduating from the Karen Pryor Academy as a Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP). She thrives on the positive impact that teaching dogs and their humans provides, so she left the corporate world to work with dogs and their humans full time. She launched Best Yet Behavior and Dog Training in 2014.


Carolyn presently lives with her six dogs on a hobby farm. Her dogs compete in Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Agility, Conformation, Barn Hunt and other venues. The dogs compete in what they enjoy, which keeps things busy. Slyder, the fearful boy who started it all, is doing wonderfully well and no longer fears the world around him. He even competes in events where his spectacular nose leads the way: tracking and field trials. He went from being a dog who would eliminate in fear when someone came into the house to one who confidently follows a track line despite people and other dogs being around him. Seeing the impact that positive and force-free work and behavior modification made on his life is why Carolyn so enjoys working with clients and their dogs. 





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